- Negotiate before you buy or sell
Negotiate before you buy or sell
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Sell Your Real Estate

If you are currently thinking about selling your San Diego home, OpenOffer® can help! The OpenOffer® process allows Home Buyers to place Offers on your property. You can receive multiple offers at the same time and simply select the best one. Your real estate agent can negotiate the best possible price for you by making multiple counter offers, deleting offers, rejecting offers & accepting offers. Note: you are not obligated to sell until you finalize the transaction, offline & in writing with your agents. OpenOffer® is a price negotiation platform to assist you obtaining the best possible price while keeping back up offers as well.


home buyer Selling Your Property

All listings in OpenOffer’s searchable database are taken straight from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This means that if you are currently selling your property through a San Diego real estate agent, it can be found on OpenOffer® & home buyers can place offers on it. Your listing agent must become a member in order for you to view the offers and negotiate the best possible price.


home buyer So how can you start?

    1. Register as a Home Seller for FREE.
    • If your property is already on the market for sale, then simply contact your agent and ask them to join OpenOffer® so they can receive confidential, non-binding open offers on your behalf.

    • If your property is not on the market and you would like to sell it on OpenOffer®, then simply Contact Us. Note: we don’t accept for sale by owner.

    2. Monitor the activity on your property and in your neighborhood.

    • View all offers your property received, when & by whom the offers were made and how your real estate agent negotiated the best possible price.

    • View all questions & showing requests, made by home buyers and agents. Learn from the questions and adjust your marketing approach accordingly.

    • Watch how other properties in your neighborhood are priced, how many offers they receive & by whom. It could be that the same Home buyer placed an offer on your property as well. This important information will assist you with any adjustments that you need to make in order to stay competitive.

    3. Accept, counter offer or ignore an offer within 24-48 hours of receiving it. Once you accept, ask the buyer to send a written offer. If they don’t, simply select your next best back up offer.


    home buyer Receive Multiple Offers on Your Property

    OpenOffer® allows you to receive multiple offers on your property at once. When placing an offer, the buyer will supply a minimum and maximum price, along with their increments. If a competing offer is placed, the offers will adjust themselves according to the indicated increments until the highest offer is determined. This ensures that you will receive the best possible offer for your property, according to the rules of supply and demand. All offers are logged and your agent will be able to save them as back up offers.


    For more information please go to Seller FAQ or seller Benefits.

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