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Negotiate before you buy or sell
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Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Your decision to use OpenOffer® is the most significant step towards finding the right home for your buyers. As a real estate agent you need all the possible tools to accommodate your client’s need whether they are buyers or sellers. OpenOffer® is here to help. Your success in the real estate industry is our commitment. Bringing two parties into a mutual agreement about price is the most difficult obstacle you need to overcome without increasing your operating costs. OpenOffer® is here to assist you achieving that without compromising the interest of either party that is involved.

buyers agent 1 Your decision

Your decision to become one of the real estate agents who is using OpenOffer® is the most significant step towards finding the right home for your buyers. As a buyer’s real estate agent you will find a simple offer placement process, with the ability to view and place openoffers™ on as many properties that you and your buyer are interested in.

buyers agent 2 General rule

It is always recommended to call or email us with any questions you might have, our OpenOffer® Professionals are committed to provide you with the most valuable information and will assist you with any concerns or questions you may have. Your OpenOffer® will show the sellers and their real estate agent that your buyer is interested in their property and hopefully you will both agree on a selling price before you place a written offer.

buyers agent 3 Non Binding Offer

All offers and counteroffers made by buyers, sellers, real estate agents, or any other party on our site are non binding. Therefore, our process will allow you to select as many properties as you wish and place openoffers™ on the properties that your buyer is interested in. Sellers, Listing Agents, or an Open Offer™ professional will respond to your offer (within 24-48 hours). They may counter offer, reject, agree, or simply delete your offer. If the seller or their real estate agent do agree to your offer, then you will be able to decide whether to finalize your buyer’s interest in the property through the traditional manner of “real property transfer of ownership rights”– in writing.

buyers agent 4 No need for legal forms

At OpenOffer® you can conduct your price negotiations without legally binding your buyer to an agreement. The process will allow you to select the best price from all of the offers you placed in a very short period of time. Can you imagine calling 10, 20, or 30 real estate agents to negotiate the price of each property? Can you imagine submitting written offers to a few properties at the same time? The answer is NO. At OpenOffer® all of your offers are none binding so you can feel free to submit as many openoffers™ as you wish. (Please note: sellers or real estate agents will be able to “Blacklist” you if you make frivolous offers,or do not respond to counter offers – once blacklisted, you will not be able to place any offers on properties that are listed by a specific seller or their real estate agent, so carefully consider your offers).

buyers agent 5 Smart Buyer’s Agent

Uses OpenOffer® simply because they can view all the property details, schedule a showing and make openoffers™. After placing your offer, it will be up to the seller and their real estate agent whether to respond or not. If you do not get any respond from sellers or their real estate agent (within 24-48 hours), then simply delete your offer, remove the property from your ‘favorites’ and move on to the next property.

buyers agent 6 Your openoffer™

You will be in full control. You will be able to set up a minimum price, maximum price and increments (for each property and each buyer) – in case another offer is made by a different buyer or their real estate agent. Your OpenOffer™ will be emailed to the listing agent, assuming they are paid members. If the listing agent is not a member, then our OpenOffer® Professionals will contact the listing agent. Note: If the listing agent is not a member, then we will display other agent’s information - Do not be alarmed, your OpenOffer® will be communicated to the listing agent (assuming you registered as a buyer’s agent) by an OpenOffer professional.

buyers agent 1 Select the best price

As a buyer’s agent, you deserve the best possible price for the most valuable asset you have – your buyer. At OpenOffer® we make it convenient for buyer’s agent to place their proposed price. We believe that each real estate should be priced according to the real estate market conditions. Real estate market conditions include many factors but the most important ones are supply, demand and your buyer’s emotional attachment to a particular property. Therefore, by allowing each buyer’s agent to set up a minimum price, maximum price and increments for each property (without letting other buyers or their real estate agents see it), the outcome will be the best price for your buyer.

Although it is not required to register, if all you want to do is view listings on this site, you will not be able to take advantage of all the other FREE features that registering has to offer. Buyer's agents will find a simple, one page registration process that takes only a minute to sign up. And perhaps the best feature of all...

Registration is FAST & EASY!!!

buy agent 1

"My Account" page contains your buyer's agent control panel with all the tools to assist you getting the best deal for your buyer. You may create your own settings any time you or night.

buy agent 2

"Listing Favorites" allow you to keep a list of your "Listings to Watch". Add as many listings to your list as you wish and delete them any time within your personal account pages.

buy agent 3

"Advanced Search" page allows you to narrow your real estate search or expand your real estate search to meet your buyer's exact specifications.

buy agent 4

"Messaging System" gives you the ability to communicate with sellers and their real estate agent directly from this site without having to open up your email client. If the seller, or their real estate agent replies to your message through the Message system, that message will be stored on this site for you to retrieve later.

buy agent 5

"Tell-a-Friend" link on each listing display page allows you to quickly send the listing's details to a friend using the site's messaging system. No need for email!

buy agent 6

"Agent's Other Listings" link is conveniently located on the listing’s display page for you to view all of a particular real estate agent’s listings that are currently active on the site. If the real estate agent is not a member, then you will be able to view similar properties.

buy agent 7

"My OpenOffers™" allow you to view all offers you made on all properties or counter offers you received from sellers and their real estate agent. You will be in full control and will be able to determine which counter offers to respond to and which you simply want to delete. You may reject, accept, counter or simply delete any offers you may receive.

buy agent 8

"Listing Page" each property will include full detailed information and photos for you to evaluate. In addition, you will be able to see how many offers each property received, when the offers were made and who the user who placed them is. Remember, you will not be able to see the price each buyer, or their real estate agent is offering and other buyers, or their real estate agent will not see your price. Only the seller, or their real estate agent will be able to see all offers.

buy agent 9

"Search Agent" (email alerts) will allow you to set up search specifications. The system will monitor the real estate market, based on your specifications, and will alert you via email when those are met.

buy agent 10

"Contact Agent" link is easily located on each listing page for you to contact the Listing Agent directly with any questions you may have concerning their listing. The listing id is automatically included in the message that is sent. If the Listing Agent is not a member then, an OpenOffer® professional will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.

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