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Negotiate before you buy or sell
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About Us...

About Us

We are a small group of real estate enthusiasts who are passionate about bringing the most innovative real estate solution to home buyers, home owners and real estate agents.

OpenOffer® offers a smarter way to buy or sell a home. We offer an online common ground for Home Owners and Home Buyers to interact while negotiating the price of real estate.

Our proprietary software facilitates multi level price negotiations, negotiations with all potential Home Buyers and negotiations with Real Estate Agents, at the same time. OpenOffer® is a real estate site designed to show the willingness of a Home Buyer to buy real estate and the intent of the Home Owner to sell real estate in a no pressure, non binding format.

We strongly believe that the market forces of supply and demand for a specific real estate will set the true market value which we translate into “OpenOffer® Agreed Price™“. Read more on How Does It Work.

Our Pledge
  • OpenOffer® was created for Home Buyers, Home Owners, Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Agents, Home Builders and Mortgage Bankers. Our business practice is very simple. We look for the best interest of Home Buyers and Home Owners alike. As a brokerage, we believe that by cooperating with other Real Estate Agents we will promote that practice. We pledge to protect and promote the interest of Home Buyers and Home Owners, regardless of whether they are being represented by a Real Estate Agent.

  • We provide unbiased true & accurate MLS (Multiple Listing Service) home information to all of our visitors

  • We protect and promote the hard work of all real estate agents and their clients and by no means, we are not here to replace your preferred real estate agent.

  • Management

    Kevin Canciller, Broker Business Development

    A. David Danzan, Broker of Record, ca bre 01524642

    Leslie Rosenquist, Broker, ca bre 00867585

    Apanjot Singh, Engineering & Technology

    Eyal Ashkenazi, Engineering & Technology

    Tony Demante, Engineering & Technology

    Amie Silverman, Public Relations - Consumer & Business to Business

    Adam Siapkaris, Public Relations - News & Media

    Daniella Hall, Public Relations - Account Executive - Consumer Outreach

    Ian Brookfield, Public Relations - Account Executive - Consumer Outreach

    Amanda Daras, Public Relations - Account Executive - Consumer Outreach

    Dory Roberts, Customer Support

    Mark Wisnosky JD, Legal Counsel

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